13/12/2019: An angry review of the British elections

Today, I am writing with anger and sadness all at once. I went to bed last night with hope, hope quickly destroyed as soon as I opened my eyes. The results are in. The Tories won. Boris Johnson won. Imperialist Britain won. Racist Britain won. Equality lost. And so did justice.

I asked myself why it affected me this much, why I cared.

Not because of Brexit. Well, not because of the United Kingdom’s decision on whether or not withdrawing itself from the European Union at least. I stopped caring about that a long time ago. They leave, they stay, what difference does it make? 3 years have passed and everything is the same. This vote is about much more than just Brexit. Brexit is about much more than just Brexit. Brexit is about rich people wanting to get more rich and poor people to die. Brexit is about old men longing for their beloved British Empire back. Brexit is about white Brits wishing death on people of colour, British or not. Brexit is about conservatives craving for a Make Britain Great Again slogan.

I care because these results are much deeper than just a British phenomenon. These results reflect a growing issue, a European phenomenon. Actually, a Western phenomenon. Far-right parties (in other words, fascism) have been regaining popularity for about a decade now. United States’ Trump, Britain’s Johnson, France’s LePen, Sweden’s Åkesson, Italy’s Salvini, the list goes on. The sad reality is that when a pattern appears and negatively affects the West, it inevitably affects the rest of the world.

I care because my friends in the U.K can’t afford an American health care system. Nor can many others that I have never met. Destroying the NHS means inevitably putting poor people’s lives in danger. It means calling an Uber in a life-or-death situation because one cannot pay for an ambulance. It means skipping essential medication because one has to chose between the latter and feeding their kids. It means raising an undesired child because neither birth control nor abortion are available. It means making choices no one should be making.

I care because I am sick and tired of politics being made by those who do not care about anyone but themselves. Sick and tired of laws being voted by those who believe money is worth more than a human being’s life. Sick and tired of the world losing all signs of hope.

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