3 Benefits of Social Media.

  1. It educates.

Most of my current knowledge on social issues comes from social media. Without Twitter, I would have never radicalised myself and have the political ideas that I have now. Thanks to endless sources and people sharing their experiences, anyone can learn and educate daily.

2. It makes it easier for anyone to feel like they belong.

There are groups on Facebook for about anything. Social media allows people, notably teenagers, to integrate into a virtual community that can help them when they might think no one is here for them.

3. It can help stay inspired and motivated (if used wisely)!

Youtube videos have given me an uncountable number of tips on how to be more productive; from waking up at 5 A.M to doing lists of my fears. Although losing time on these websites is easy, it is equally simple to find the information needed for pretty much anything. Therefore, when used wisely, social media can inspire and motivate you, regardless of what you are passionate about.

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